Financial Literacy Month

Jeffrey Schwartz, Executive Director of Consolidated Credit Canada explains that while Financial Literacy Month may be over, there were 3 things you should have done according to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada:

  • Manage your money & debt wisely
  • Save for the future
  • Understand your financial rights.

    If you’re one of the Canadians who didn’t or have never done any of them, Consolidated Credit has helped thousands of Canadians achieve financial freedom and we can help you too.

    Financial Literacy Month is now over.

    November was the official time for you to do three
    things according to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada:
    • manage your money and debt wisely
    • save for the future
    • understand your financial rights

    Did you do all those things in November? Did you do any of those things? Probably not and I don’t blame you. I’ve been a debt expert for more than 15 years. Through Consolidated Credit, we’ve helped thousands of Canadians Achieve Financial Freedom but 2022 has been the most difficult year to conquer debt in over a decade.

    I love financial literacy month because it puts an important topic out front but there’s a downside to that too. Some people feel bad when they hear all this good advice. These are the lies they tell themselves:
    • I’m a bad person because I don’t save enough
    • Everyone else seems like they have their lives together and I don’t
    • I’m so far behind on my bills I’ll never catch up and no one can help me.

    If those lies were true, I wouldn’t have a job. The fact is, Consolidated Credit can help you. I don’t know how badly you think you have it but I know you can live debt free. How can I be so confident because we’ve been helping Canadians through their financial troubles that come with recessions, natural disasters, chronic illnesses, serious accidents, divorces … you name it. I’m very proud that we’ve never failed anyone who wanted to lead a better life, you can too and it doesn’t matter what month it is

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