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Credit counselling and debt consolidation programs in Moncton, New Brunswick

Who we are

Consolidated Credit is a national non-profit credit counselling organization that educates consumers about personal finance and has helped over half a million Canadians tackle their debt.

Our mission

To assist individuals and families throughout Canada in ending financial crises and debt management problems through education and professional credit counselling.

How we can help you

Consolidated Credit provides consumer credit counselling services to residents of Moncton, to help debt-stressed consumers find solutions for credit card debt. The process starts with a free credit counselling session to review your debts, credit and budget. This helps your trained credit counsellor understand your situation, so they can recommend the best solution for your needs. If you aren’t able to get out of debt on your own, the credit counsellor can also help you enroll in a debt management program, which can consolidate your debts into one payment.

These case studies come from real clients of Consolidated Credit who successfully consolidated their debt with this program. The results show you how much you could potentially save, if a debt management program turns out to be the right solution for your needs.

Case Study

Stephanie A from Moncton, NB

“Best experience I’ve ever had when dealing with overdue debt! ”

Where she started:
  • Total unsecured debt: $9,172.66
  • Estimated interest charges: $4,500.20
  • Time to payoff: 8 years, 3 months
  • Total monthly payments: $370.43
After DMP enrollment:
  • Average negotiated interest rate: 0.0%
  • Total interest charges: $0.00
  • Time to payoff: 3 years, 2 months
  • Total monthly payment: $242.00
Time Saved

5 years, 1 month

Monthly Savings


Interest Saved


Insolvency statistics for Moncton, NB

New Brunswick20212020% Change
Total Insolvencies2,9853,365-11.3%
Consumer Proposal1,7441,879-7.2%
Moncton20212020% Change
Total Insolvencies822963-14.6%
Consumer Proposal492532-7.5%

New Brunswick credit counselling contact information:

If you’re struggling to get out of debt, please contact us for a free credit counselling debt and budget evaluation. Most credit counselling is conducted over the phone.

Phone: (844)-402-3073

French and Spanish speaking counsellors are available

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