Expense Worksheet

Print out this form and use it to track your family expenses. List all monthly expenses and divide them into the following categories. Fixed Expenses are those items where payment amounts can not be varied or adjusted.

Expense Worksheet

Monthly Fixed ExpensesAmount
Real Estate Taxes$
Homeowners Insurance$
Car Loan / Lease Payments$
Car Insurance$
Student Loans$
Alimony / Child Support$
Medical Insurance$
Credit Card Payment
(total from other sheet)

Many times Flexible Expenses are necessary items, but what sets them apart is that you usually have control over how much money you spend on these items. Depending upon your particular circumstance, you may find a few of these items may fall in the Fixed category.

Monthly Flexible ExpensesCurrent AmountAdjusted to balance Income
Phone Bill$$
Gas / Oil / Fuel Bills$$
Electric Bills$$
Water / Sewer / Maintenance Bills$$
Cable Television$$
Household Supplies$$
Child Care$$
Tuition / School Supplies$$
Dry Cleaning / Laundry Service$$
Doctors / Dental / Medicine$$

Discretionary Expenses are items that are not necessary for survival. If your expense to income ratio is out of balance and you are spending more money than you earn, items from this category should be eliminated or cut back.

Monthly Discretionary ExpensesCurrent AmountAdjusted to Balance Income
Movies / Plays / Sports$$
Clubs / Hobbies$$
Barber / Beauty Shops$$

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