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The Consumer Protection Act

Canada has laws governing the way companies can go about the sale of goods and services. Laws are in place…

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Scholarship Entrant Gets Creative

As you know, we’re still accepting essay submissions for our scholarship. A recent entry from a current doctorate student showcases…

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Credit Counsellors Can Help With COVID-19 Financial Hardship

The COVID-19 pandemic brought financial hardship to thousands of Canadians. Middle-income Canadians felt a profound effect on their finances, with…

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Robbie Shifman

Ready for a Restart? Your Guide to Financially Recovering from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic brought financial turmoil to thousands of Canadians. In October 2020, a third of Canadians thought that financially…

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How to Check Your Credit Score

The average Canadian consumer needs a few things to perform many financial tasks. Usually, you need income and credit to…

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