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Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit on Its Way to Replace the CRB

CWLB ended on May 7, 2022.

The entire world is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, including Canada. Most efforts to recover relate to the economy. Specifically, helping individuals who lost their income and achieving pre-pandemic employment levels again. Recently, the Canada Recovery benefit (CRB) program ended. The federal government is proposing a new benefit as a replacement. It is the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit (CWLB). Its purpose is to help specific groups, as opposed to broad ones. Anyone who is financially struggling as a result of ongoing lockdowns is the intended target.

For everything known about the CWLB program so far, continue reading below.

What is the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit (CWLB)?

Canada is in the process of economic recovery following the pandemic. Part of this process is to get employment levels back to where they were before COVID-19. In addition, providing financial support for those affected by ongoing lockdowns. The Government of Canada proposed new legislation for the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit (CWLB). This benefit would provide income support to workers who experience interrupted employment from lockdowns. In other words, it’s intended to extend Canada’s recovery.

The CWLB announcement by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland occurred on October 21. Freeland mentioned CWLB offers “more targeted measures” as opposed to “broad-based support.”

Throughout the pandemic, the Canadian government has introduced several benefit programs. For example, the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB). You may be eligible for other financial assistance programs in addition to CWLB.

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How long does the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit last?

The Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit is effective between October 24, 2021, and May 7, 2022. Workers affected by lockdowns can submit retroactive applications for past periods. CWLB begins the day after the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) ended. The idea is to ensure all Canadians in need have continuous financial support.


On December 22, 2021, the Canadian Government announced that the eligibility for the CWLB will be expanded in order to better support Canadian workers.

How much will the CWLB provide?

Eligible individuals will receive $300 per week from CWLB.

Keep in mind that individuals must not be eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) to receive this benefit. If you are eligible for EI, you can still apply to CWLB. The only requirement is there is no overlap in eligibility and payment periods.

Who is eligible for the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit?

Individuals must meet the following eligibility criteria for CWLB:

  • Experienced employment and income interruption as a direct result of government-imposed public health lockdowns.
  • Have not lost income or employment due to refusal to adhere to the vaccine mandate.
  • Ineligible for Employment Insurance (EI) in the CWLB period you’re applying for.


  • Canadians who live in designated regions affected by lockdowns or qualifying capacity restrictions are eligible to apply for the CWLB.

Who is NOT eligible for the benefit?

Individuals who meet the following criteria are not eligible for CWLB:

  • Experienced employment and income interruption as a result of non-public health, privately issued lockdowns.
  • Lost income or employment due to their refusal to adhere to vaccine mandates.
  • Eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) in the CWLB period you’re applying for.

How and where can I apply for the CWLB?

Currently, the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit is not open for applications yet. It is in the proposal stage with the Government of Canada. Further details on the proposal will become available in mid to late November 2021.

If you believe you are eligible for CWLB, keep an eye on the Government of Canada’s website. Final eligibility criteria and application link will become available there if the proposal passes.

What about the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB)?

The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) ended on October 23, 2021. The Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit will replace CRB if it passes. However, some periods are still open for CRB. If you were eligible for a past period, you can apply until December 22, 2021. After that date, the program will completely end.

The CRB program was available from September 27, 2020, to October 23, 2021. You can apply for a maximum of 27 periods out of the total of 28. You must apply for each period. The benefit does not renew automatically. You can apply for any past period up to 60 days after that period has ended. Currently, you can still apply for CRB benefits between the dates of September 12 to October 23. If eligible, you will receive $1,000 ($900 after withheld taxes). Or $600 ($540 after taxes) for each two-week period.

Applying for the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit

More information on the workers’ benefit will become available in the upcoming weeks. Consider other COVID-19 benefit programs and lockdown support while you wait for details.

Many Canadians are struggling with their finances during this time. Some individuals aren’t eligible for federal government support. Consolidated Credit can help you navigate your financial difficulties. Reach out by calling (844)-402-3073 for a meeting with a specialist today.

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