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Diana M. conquers her debt

Diana thought she had it all. She was working the job of her dreams and made a decent salary. She decided to place all of her investment portfolio in high tech, Dot Com’s etc. and when she was about to sign off on her mortgage, her world came crashing down all around her.

“My stock portfolio which was valued at one hundred thousand dollars was now pennies on the dollar. I lost my job and all of the money I had invested, disappeared just like that. What I experienced put a knot in my stomach and I knew I was in serious trouble.”

Diana felt like she was in a never-ending nightmare and she wished she could wake up from this devastating dream. For seven years, Diana struggled with her debt load which was well over $20,000. She decided to put an end to her cycle of debt when she saw a commercial on television about the services available at Consolidated Credit Canada. When she called Consolidated Credit she felt appreciated and knew change was coming her way.

“When I called Consolidated Credit they made me feel safe and I did not feel judged by anyone in the company. They understood my situation and gave me solutions and an action plan to get rid of my crippling debt load.”

Now Diana is 100 percent debt free and she lives a cash-only lifestyle. She has become a savvy consumer who has learned the difference between needs and wants. She is in a better place in her life and she refuses to rack up high-interest credit card debt.

“My life with zero debt is so liberating and I feel free for the first time in my life. I have more life choices and the freedom to choose what I want in life. I will never own a credit card again. I save money for what I want such as my annual Jamaican vacations. It’s all saved in advance of my trip. I just give the money to a friend who has a credit card. I will never fall into the credit card trap again.”

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